Eastern & Western Modalities

Massage · Reiki · Sound

Eastern & Western Modalities

Massage · Reiki · Sound

Blend of Eastern & Western Modalities

Massage · Reiki · Sound


Let divine hands calm your body... allowing your body to relax.


Open you soul, your heart, your mind as you allow energy to flow.


Let the sounds clear your mind, especially from your self talk.


Become aware of WHO YOU ARE, finding freedom in yourself.

About Lauren

Laurens healing journey and passion for Holistic Health began in her early teens. She studied to be a yoga and aerial instructor in Nosara, Costa Rica in 2017, and has been teaching ever since. With her love and fascination for the body she went on to study massage therapy at Healing Hands school of Holistic Health. She has an intuitive approach when it comes to working with the body, with her ability to tune into the feedback of the body she's able to offer a session designed especially for you and your needs. Blending both western and eastern modalities to create an experience that not only works with the physical body but the energetic system, chakras and meridians to create overall balance.

Lauren is a CMT registered in the state of California

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